How to Become a Partner

We are inviting like-minded community partners to join the Idaho Behavioral Health Collaborative, to help create a behavioral health system that meets the needs of Idaho communities and their residents.

Provider Partners:

The Idaho Behavioral Health Collaborative will leverage this group of Provider Partners to solve complex challenges and to provide innovation around service delivery gaps and needs.

Advisory Partners:

The Idaho Behavioral Health Collaborative will host distinct Advisory Partner gatherings specifically for the purpose of obtaining feedback in service delivery but also to create actionable solutions to identified needs. The four  Advisory Parnter categories are:

  • Provider Advisory Partner: This is specifically for all in network providers. To solicit input and feedback on programs and initiatives, direction in the development, implementation, and revision of internal structures, processes, and programs all with the goal of reducing administrative burden and creating more time for providers to serve members/patients.
  • Member/Family/Advocate Advisory Partner: Our partners in this category provide valuable feedback regarding their experience with the current behavioral health system and any opportunities for improvement.
  • Stakeholder Advisory Partner: Our stakeholder partners consist of those who have interest in the betterment of this behavioral health system. This group includes non-profits and other organizations who might support the improvement of the behavioral health system.
  • Crisis System of Care Advisory Partner: This group will consist of all organizations and communities members and stakeholders who are called to serve when an individual experiences a crisis. This could include: law enforcement officers and other emergency responders (fire, EMT), community service organizations, corrections, treatment providers, family members. This group will come together to identify successes, gaps and needs as we ever evolve the crisis system of care.
    • In partnership with the Department of Health and Wellness (DHW) we envision hosting statewide and regional forums.